Mind’s Eye Society – MST Address/Q&A from SWRE

Jesse Answering questions from the audience about the reset

Jesse Robbins (the MES MST) was kind enough to humor those at SWRE with an open Q&A session, providing those in attendance an open forum in which to ask about pretty much anything.  Almost all of us took this as an opportunity to ask questions about the next chronicles.

You can find all the latest about from the MST office on their website which seems to be up to date with the latest reports and info from the various venues.

Most of us present asked questions about next chron, when it would start, what it would look like and how to

Captivated audience

A Captivated Audience

get involved.  The audio is extremely interesting and I recommend giving it a listen while playing your fav MMO.  However if you’re looking for some fast bullet points of interest –

  • Yes, this will be an open development and your input is requested
  • Custom stuff will likely be rare
  • End of Chron plots are in or about to be in flight
  • The end will not be in Armageddon/Year of Fire style
  • There will be MC bennies, but likely no longevity XP
  • How long will next chron be? (Possibly 5 years)
The real thing I took from this is the we as an org will have a say in how the chron ends, and how it restarts which is encouraging and refreshing.  Much of what lies ahead will have an open source “wiki” feel to it, and there is a lot of room for growth as well as story.

The audio is really quite good, Jesse is an excellent orator and took all the questions in stride.  If you’ve never met him he’s super chill and awesome to bounce ideas off of.  I’m really excited to be able to provide this kind of audio to the Cam at large!  (Anytime I head to a con expect this kind of coverage btw).

Please note that I had to toss the audio into a video in order to host it on my YouTube Channel, but at least this way you can listen in from your mobile device! (My apologies for the quick job on the video, I just tossed a few pics up there).  Most of which are of Jesse himself, but I grabbed a few of the audience as well for flavor.

Without further delay – Jesse Robbins the MES MST :




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