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Gummy Bear Success!


This is my collection of booze infused gummy creatures! After significant taste testing from my coworkers the winner is the bear batch of Fruit flavored Vodka! Ill be making a new batch to take to Las Vegas for a party in my red ridding hood costume. They will also be rolled in powdered or regular sugar prior to serving (otherwise they’ll be a bit slimey).

Photos of the final version will be forthcoming.


The life and times of mixed drinks.

As many of you know i occasionally enjoy libations of the booze filled variety. As such i often find myself experimenting with various mixes and such. My most recent conquest has been booze soaked gummy bears.


I’ve done a lot with jello shots over the years and wastes to have something special for this years tarts and vicors (an annual las Vegas party). I scoured the net for something a little more portable and cheeky. I came across the mummy bear recipe and decided to give it a go. It will go perfectly with my vision of handing out tre)ats from a picnic basket for the party. (the costume has not yet been acquired but it will be somewhere in between little red riding hood and strawberry short cake.)

So I’ve gone ahead and put gummy worms and bears in flavored vodka and another batch in 99 berries (love the 99 berries series for the high liquor content). I also did a mixed batch with extra sugar (i read somewhere that the booze soaking can cause issues with taste). Now we wait for a few days and see how potent these little guys are.

Hopefully ill have pictures and reviews in a few days time!

If you love food…

I just discovered one of my friends has her own food blog!

She’s got a Doctorate in AI programming, and is an amazing cook, doggy mommy, and developer.

(Also a gamer!)

SO stoked to see her putting things up online (omg she is such a fun cook)



Cooking for 20+ People in a Boffer – On a budget.

Your Mission –

  • 20+ people to feed
  • You have a budget of $100 or less
  • You ONLY have a kitchen sink and two outlets for a total of 3 plugs
  • You must have coffee on at all times

What would you do?

You Panic.

Then you calm down and say “I can do this.”

Seriously – you can.

Simple center pieces

I’ve been helping out a local boffer game ( as their tavern cook for a few months now, and while it’s a lot to do and a huge investment of time and energy – it’s also very rewarding!  After a long hard day of running around the Colorado Mountains chasing creatures, nothing makes people more happy then a hot meal.  So how is this done?

  • Crock Pot
  • Toaster Oven
  • Commitment

I had a couple of recipes and pieces of advice I wanted to share with other people who participate in these kinds of events.

  • If you can pre-cook it and just heat it up there – do it.  I discovered that quiches are healthy, filling, and can work for dinner OR breakfast.  Here’s the recipe for the Quiche, and the recipe for the crust.  The important part is to keep costs down and still make it hearty.  Of course you can go with a more complex recipe for the quiche or use vegetables as opposed to ham.  That’s up to you!

    Pasta is a great way to have easy sides.

  • Anything canned that can be heated up is awesome.  I like to get canned corn, toss in butter, garlic, spices, salt and pepper and viola! I have an awesome tasty cheap veggie.
  • If you can make it ahead of time AND it’s a cold dish? Double win!  I’m trying out a pasta salad recipe for the first time this weekend and I’m excited about it.  Namely because I can make it, leave it and serve it with no fuss.
  • Remember not to have too many things to heat up otherwise you’ll be stuck with a backup in the kitchen.
  • The Crock Pot.  I never knew how magical this device was until I tried it for a table top gaming session some time ago.  These things are genius.  However it does take up an outlet for a full 6 hours.  I’ll be using my BBQ Chicken recipe again for this event because it’s fast and easy.

You really can do a lot with a little and still enjoy the events of the day!  Planning (and will make your life a lot easier.  If you’ve got a recipe you use for these kind of events I’d love to hear about it!  Feel free to leave a comment in the blog to share your secrets as well!