The Recruitment Manifesto Script

So I’m working on the Newsletter Video for Q1 of the Mind’s Eye Society (one of the Live Action groups I belong to) and I wanted to post the script from it because it might be useful to someone out there.

This will be a 15 minute long video (much longer then I had originally intended) and I’m hoping that domains around the country take it to heart (or any other Live Action group really)

Its pretty long, so I’m putting it behind a link.  Comments are welcome! (Also apologies for the odd formatting)

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Coming to a Youtube channel near you – How to recruit!

So I’m writing this lengthy piece (for video) on recruiting for MES domains. I’ll likely upload it to my blog, but if you have found one thing that’s worked REALLY well (not including short skirts and corsets… that’s a duh yall). Also.. I might… be in front of the camera for this one… /facepalms. Anyways, are you in a domain that recruits well? Tell me what worked for you.

Convention Season is Upon us!

As many of you know I attend a large number of conventions every year.

Here’s the schedule for me this year –

Ghengis Con – Feb 16-19 Denver CO

MES SouthWest Regional Event (SWRE) – March 15-18 Reno, NV

Grand Masquerade – Unsure, New Orleans

Neoncon – November Las Vegas, NV


Schedule subject to change, but this is at least the start!

This is the latest video for the MES/Cam

So I was asked to do a magic fashion show video by Chris Beck, one of the cammies in Manhattan KS and this was the result. It’s intended to be short, and hopefully it fills the needs of that domain. The good news is that the CG I build I can reuse, relight and remaster fr other projects as needed.

YouTube Channels and… You?

So last year I created 4 or 5 videos for the camarilla (now the Mind’s Eye Society) and I had them spread out over several channels.  I have several new videos in queue to be created (one of which I’m working on today) and so I thought it prudent to put them all in one place.

Behold – The Mind’s Eye Society YouTube Channel in all of it’s glory.  In case you got this note as one of my subscribers, I’m also a LARPer, not just a SWTOR dork, so I apologize if this comes as a surprise.

LARPing – It’s a way to meet chicks, and dress up and drink.

Videos and Quick updates

Going to be working on a new video this weekend for one of my games.  Hoping to do a blog post on “how to promote your game” this weekend in between rendering.

Sadly this means I won’t be playing as much SWTOR… Adobe products and SW:TOR are not friendly on my computer… clearly this means it’s time to build a new one!


I should note that I rarely get political.  However, today is special.

For the first time since I left political radio in Las Vegas, I got involved with my representatives.  I stood up today for the internet, which has given me so much and never asked for anything in return.  While I tended to leave the politics to my amazing talent on KXNT back in the day (Casey and Heather – Casey has moved to a new station now and if you’re curious you can find out more here – he is in fact a rockstar.) I was determined today to make my voice heard about SOPA and PIPA.  Serveral websites around the world are participating in a blackout today (Wikipedia, Reddit, and many others) and I took the time to find out who of my representatives supported the bill or stood against it.  You too can see how your reps feel.

I personally feel very strongly about these bills, and encourage all users of the internet to find out more about the bill.


Art Therapy

I recently had the chance to do a  photoshoot with some friends here in Denver.  I wanted to share some of the shots from it.  Now while the shoot was inspired by Vampire and it’s various games, the shoots came out with various levels from goth to punk to just silly.

If you want to see the ever growing collection from the shoot check it out here 

Please note that I will be continuing to update the gallery on my DeviantArt account, so updates will be hiding in there. (My WP blog can’t hold all that awesome)

Here’s a sampling –

SW:TOR – Sneaking a dating sim in there for +150 Addiction

First I want to clarify my level of dork-i-tude here.  I logged out of SW:TOR after playing for roughly 10 hours and then laid down on the couch to watch a Star Wars Marathon.  You know, because I’d clearly not had enough of the world. (The originals not the prequels mind you.)

(Photo Credit - Theran AKA My Heal-bot Playboy




If you’ve read my other Star Wars posts, you probably have noticed that I enjoyed Beta, and now that I’m in the Gold (live) edition I’m enjoying that as well.  Particularly PVP (even though I’m to terribly good at it), Space Missions (which I do seem to be good at) and Crafting in particular.  Crafting requires a fair amount of micro-management of your companions but that sort of play is one of my favorite things in MMOs. (I think it speaks to my estrogen driven need to organize things)

Which brings me to those who do all of your crafting bidding – the companions.

Chances are that if you are playing SW:TOR you are already familiar with the fact that some of the companions are “Romance-able”  which is to say there are opportunities to buy them copious amounts of expensive gifts, and maybe get some play in return.  However you want to cut it though, achieving the proverbial “Giggity” motivates a lot of us – plus it’s just fun to see how it all happens (not literally, just the lead up).  What this seems to result in (at least in those I’ve

(Image credit - Mako - Who I'm pretty sure will be the most cosplayed character from SWTOR next year

observed from myself, my guild, and my household) is behavior that is tailored to ensuring your companion is pleased – thereby raising the chance to make with the bang bang.  This goes way beyond the constant maintenance of the tamogatchis of the 90s and the prized hunt for the perfect WoW pets off yester-mmo but instead I believe that it actually alters our playing psychology and motivates us to make moral story choices based on – the approval of our companions.

Now maybe you’re the opposite – maybe you want to piss your companion off, but I would argue you’re still making choices based on the reaction of your companion!  You’re still being motivated by your companion’s moral code – just to the opposite side.  This is genius on Bioware’s part.  It’s a way to make things replayable and as far as I can tell that’s the endgame hope – play the game for the love of the story and the “Guess what ____ will say/do next!”   Even if you’ve got a level 50 (the current cap), chances are you’re anticipating trying a different quest chain.

(If you’re curious there’s some cool articles that talk about how SW:TOR was written and what the documents looked like for the various quest chains.)

I’ve found often myself wondering “Hey – what will my companion think of this?” during quest chains.  I’ve also noticed that the Empire side characters might have a few more light side points (especially the Bounty Hunters who get Mako who seems to be a bit morally questionable herself, but for the most part is a good person.)  All in all the companions have altered the landscape of the game making us reconsider if we really want to vent those spies out of the airlock in front of our companion – which begs the question – who’s really running the show?  You or your “possible” lay?

This is a true case of the game mirroring life.

As for me, I’ll be over here trying to get Tharan to do my Landry.

Okay so it’s not gaming related… BUT – I am participating in something my co-workers talked me into:


It’s a blog where you have to post 5 things you are thankful for 5 days a week (workdays) for I assume what is 5 weeks.  I /really/ should simulpost my stuff here, and maybe I will… but for now they’re hanging out on the wordpress above.


I expect to do a gaming related post this weekend. fear not.